The Process.

A Note to Self:

There has come a moment in our search together where we shall question the very process of our search.

This is a very important moment.

I was discussing with a friend and a colleague today on spirituality. Our search could be understood as a spiritual undertaking. But at any rate, she was describing this quest to be one that appeared very intellectual, involving heavy reading and talking and ruminating – something that appeared quite academic. My mother, somewhere, echoes these views.

I reflected on what this friend had said. I probed to see if our method of searching was similar to what she described. Frankly, if it were, it would make our search mentally very tiring and, eventually, unattractive.

But this is not the case with us. We enjoy this process. It is adding rich meaning to life. After some thought, it grew apparent to me that our effort, though intellectual on a lesser level, is more about awareness.

At each point of this search, you and I are attempting to be more fully aware of everything that we are consuming as experience. The understanding that we derive from this attempt is what one can call ‘intellectual’ maybe.

So, really, awareness is a very natural thing. It is at the heart of being.

One further sees that whether it’s a child or a ‘realised’ person, everyone is united in that they are seeking. There is a yearning within everybody. Different people make different things of this yearning. Life, hence, takes on a unique character for each person.

But, looking over the peculiarities of a unique life, to question the yearning within everyone: where is it directed? What is it pointing at? Forget the articulation of the impulse. What is the impulse itself all about? Is it the same in everyone?

Let’s look at this question till we arrive at an understanding.


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