My Beguiling Brother

A Poem on Attachment (Inspired by the Bhagavad Gīta)

Anirudh Belle

Child of ignorance, my half-brother,
Knotted in an unseeable string, I pull you close.
I loathe thy presence, yet yearn to see you,
I harbour hope that you’ll come to me, a reformed man.

Reiterating echoes of thought form our bond,
From such alliance springs the reek of desire.
Heaven forbid a threat confronts this marriage,
Mayhem erupts – wrath, rue and fear.

Havoc translates to noetic decay,
Resulting in rhapsodic cognitive carnage.
A masticated mass, I crawl from your jaws,
Seeking redemption, a desperate fool.

Just when I thought I was a revived man,
I notice that silver string, tickling my thumbs.
I wrap it around my fingers and begin to tug,
Excuses cloud my head, galore…

How I hate you, oh how I know it to be true,
Yet I can’t stop myself from seeing you,
My narcotic sibling,
You phoney double-crossing fantasy!

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